Olaf as Disney Princesses

this is perfection

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I made a thing.

Of course I’m my own best friend.

marcusbutlertv is my best friend, jacksgap is my crush, first collab with Grace Helbig, sawyersblog is my enemy, first kiss was pointlessblogtv and my lover is casparlee. seems legit. 

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you’re killing me _ 
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I am now afraid…
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dan and phil at reading festival

dan and phil at reading festival

I love this

I love this

adorable <3

adorable <3


Dan expresses how much fun he’s had being sick in ‘The Joy of Illness’

yo guys! please reblog this video to help me out (i really appreciate it!) and i’ll look through the notes and stalk a bunch of your blogs to say thanks :) 

awh poor ill @danisnotonfire

awh cute picture or what?! &lt;3

awh cute picture or what?! <3


Alfie: “It looks like you’ve got a little poo on your head.” ©

Zalfie is my OTP.

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