Oh they’re bo - oh! Okay. Makes things easier for me.

favourite film👊💕

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when you love and care about someone just as much as I do with him, you’ll never ever want to let go. as much of a pain in the arse they may be, you can’t let go of something that means almost the world to you, trust me, I’ve tried. he puts a smile on my face on a daily basis, he always makes the effort to talk to me, we have 8hr long facetime sessions, and we fuck about on xbox all the time. I wouldn’t change him for the world, because he’s made me who I am today and I can’t thank him enough for the support he gives me. all he has to do is look at me, and I instantly have a smile on my face. I’ve never cared about someone so much before in my life and what makes it weirder, is that I’ve only known him a couple of months yet we already have this strong connection. I love this guy with all my heart, and no matter what, he’ll never leave me, because he’s on my heart just like a tattoo. <3


Olaf as Disney Princesses

this is perfection

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I made a thing.

Of course I’m my own best friend.

marcusbutlertv is my best friend, jacksgap is my crush, first collab with Grace Helbig, sawyersblog is my enemy, first kiss was pointlessblogtv and my lover is casparlee. seems legit. 

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you&#8217;re killing me _ 
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I am now afraid&#8230;
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dan and phil at reading festival

dan and phil at reading festival

I love this

I love this

adorable &lt;3

adorable <3


Dan expresses how much fun he’s had being sick in ‘The Joy of Illness’

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awh poor ill @danisnotonfire